Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Horse Diaper

U.S. Patent, 1998.

Returning to the language of toilets, this time we investigate horse diapers.

Tired of spending countless hours cleaning those pesky stalls? Sick of bending over to grab handfull after handfull of equine excrement? Well, fret no more!

Now you can live the lazy cowboy's dream - with the newly patented Horse Diaper (some assembly required).

Now, what do you think is more work: cleaning the floor of a stall or changing a gigantic diaper on an extremely irritated horse?

I'll stick to cleaning the floor. Heck, I'd gladly save hundreds of dollars per month on the cost of diapers if it was socially acceptable for my daughter to run free and do her business in the yard. Except that's not gonna happen. And I can't keep her in a barn.

Until she's four.

I just don't get horse diapers. Can you help me translate?

From Patently Absurd.


Translator said...

I wonder how much these would cost, too...

Omega said...

lol, this is hillarious!

Jaya said...

I think I'm going
to hold off investing
my retirement fund on
the horse diaper making

Translator said...

Omega - thanks, I'm glad you take pleasure at the expense of animals. Heh, heh...just kidding ;)

Jaya - yep. Not exactly a surefire way to make a buck.

Lord Likely said...

I find it much more preferable to hire a servant to clean up the horse's effluence.

Beenzzz said...

This would be great for the triple latte drinking crowd! You know, lactose intolerance and all that jazz? :)

Translator said...

My Lord - Good show, old chap.

Beenzzz - Good point! Although, I don't know of any horses that drink triple lattes ;)

Beenzzz said...

Only the most elite horses enjoy a delicious triple latte. :)

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Yikes! When it was reported in our local press that horses pulling landaus along Blackpool prom would be trialing these horse nappies, we thought "Oh, that's REALLY RIDICULOUS!"
Now we've seen this pic, we KNOW it is!
Surely it's only the likes of crackpot councillors who could POSSIBLY think this would be a good idea!
Bring back the chap with the bucket and shovel, we say.

Translator said...

I agree, Bimmy. It seems rather absurd!

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