Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

Photo courtesy The Onion.

Flaming Freddy says: "Be very careful. Even sparklers can kill."

Translation: "Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!"


Splantrik said...

Hey, it's not July 4 yet, even on the east coast. I want my monkey back.

Splantrik said...

Hmm, according to the blog, it was/will be posted on July 4. Have fun, futureboy.

Translator said...

Yes, that's right. You are actually in the past. Don't worry. It's very common for lesser humans to be stuck in the past.

Keep trying and you'll catch up to me.

I got your "postcard".

Happy (almost) Independence Day.

Lord Likely said...

Happy Independence Day?

Pah! My great, great, great uncle, Lord Frobisher Likely, was a British soldier during the War of Independence, and he DIED.

Admittedly, he just tripped as he was getting of his boat, (he had been drinking too much) and split his head open...but still.

I forget my original point now.

Have a happy July 4th!

JT said...

O yeah, some kids were out shooting fireworkd all night last night...could not get any sleep due to firecarckers...and subsequent fire trucks, tonight will be even worse I am safe everyone

Translator said...

Lord Likely - I'm sorry for your loss of Lord Frobisher Likely. Except it helped up win the war in some small way. So I guess thanks are in order.

Jt - sorry for your loss as well. Loss of sleep, that is.