Saturday, July 21, 2007

Anagram Anarchy - Two

I've decided to post a new edition of Anagram Anarchy each time the previous puzzle has been solved. If you need help understanding the language of anagrams, CLICK HERE for some background.

Each time, I will produce a new anagram for a chosen word or phrase. It's your job as budding translators to rearrange the letters to produce the answer.

So here's today's anagram:

Morphine Moss

Hint: Doughnut.

Rearrange the letters to solve the puzzle, and leave your answer in the comments section to this post.

Good luck!


Jaya said...

I don't know.

But I wish I
had a donut
to eat...

Terence Chang said...

I really have no idea about that this is.

Lord Likely said...

I would wager a guess at Mr. Homer Simpson.

Steph said...

That's a good one!

Mahdi said...

haha i am new at this but i love brainteasers keep em coming!! :D

enter to win:

comment, subscribe, and go bananas over at :D

Translator said...

That's correct, My Lord! Homer Simpson is the answer. Be sure to tune in soon for the next edition of Anagram Anarchy!

Thanks for playing!

Jaya said...

Homer Simpson???

Holy Donut Sprinkles!
I never would have gotten
that one, even though I had
an uncle named Homer, and I
live on Simpson Street, AND,
yes, I've watched the TV show.

My word verification to submit this comment is 'zlfupex'.
It sounds like some new pharmaceutical drug. (And if you never read this comment, it means I was not capable of correctly spelling it again!!)

Lord Likely said...

My genius is confirmed.