Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ramen Bath

Our travels now take us to Hakone, Japan where we will investigate the language of Theme Baths. Hakone Kowakie Yunessun Hot Springs Amusement Park and Spa Resort has just opened its latest Theme Bath : The Ramen Soup Bath.

From Japan Probe:

The bath, shaped like a ramen bowl, contains pepper-flavored water colored a light, milky brown, to like tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen soup. The special bath was created jointly by the theme park and a famous ramen shop, Nantsuttei in Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture.

The bath was completed at the unveiling event, with the owner of Nantsuttei adding “noodles” made of bathwater additives into the tub.

The water contains collagen and garlic extracts, and theme park officials claim it can help produce beautiful skin and aid moisture retention.

Sound good? Nothing like collagen and garlic extract to attract the opposite sex. Your skin may be soft, but you smell like an eggroll.

If that doesn't wet your "appetite", then perhaps you'd like to try another Theme Bath:

Red wine, anyone?

Or, perhaps some coffee?

No? Let's just stick to the traditional green tea bath.

Here are my ideas for Theme Baths:

1)Boiling Acid Pit Bath - Complete with floating skeletons.

2)Matzoh Ball Soup Bath - An old lady keeps telling you to stay in a bit longer because you look famished and you could stand to put on some weight.

3)Tar Pit Bath - You may never leave.

4)Gas Station Toilet Bath - You can visualize this one for yourself.

Any other ideas? I just don't get Theme Baths. Can you help me translate?


stormin said...

the japanese are just a very unique and special people. i love them.

Beenzzz said...

Or the hot curry bath, which exfoliates your outsides and your insides at the same time.

Gaddy Bergmann said...

Ooh, ooh, I got one! How about a shark fin soup bath ... filled with live sharks! Yeah, baby! For a small extra fee, you can get them with frickin' laser beams on their foreheads.

Translator said...

Stormin - Yep, I agree!

Beenzzz - Hot Curry! Perfect!

Gaddy - Ha! Shark FINS or sharks? Because a lot of shark fins swimming around would be less scary than a lot of SHARKS swimming around ;)