Thursday, May 31, 2007

About The Translator

That's me. The old Translator, himself. I guess that's what I'll be calling myself for a while. At least until Mrs. Translator tells me to knock it off.

Baby Girl Translator and Girl Translator are off playing right now, and I can't seem to find them with my trusty binocs. Oh, well.

I got my undergrad and masters degrees in Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I did research in the Dominican Republic, and I've been working in Cancer Research ever since.

My recent interest in blogging stems from the fact that I can only speak in two or three paragraph intervals. So, I figured blogging made sense. The subject matter of this blog is based in my interest in history and my fascination with other cultures. This is my third attempt at creating a blog - I hope it works this time.

My favorite hobbies include hiking in the Colorado Rockies, fishing, birding, archery-ing, writing, reading, translating stuff, learning about history, and blogging about all of the above.

I hope we can get to know each other in depth!


paisley said...

what do you mean "i hope it works this time."

i love chinglishness... and i really like tis one too... i have added a bookmark to this page....

excellent concept

Translator said...

Thanks, Paisley! You're my number one fan! I love your blog, too! Please keep visiting Chinglishness and Rosetta! I love it when you stop by!