Thursday, May 31, 2007

Truck Nuts

Let's begin our journey into the unknown by stepping right outside my front door, here in Colorado.

Yesterday, on the way home from work, I spied a truck with something "extra" hanging off the back end. Upon further examination, I was assaulted by the image of two, giant, blue - truck nuts.

Are those....?....yes, they are! I thought.

As seen in the image above, I guess truck owners can now order these online for various reasons.

I guess one reason would be to show that one's truck is "manly".

I guess another reason would be to show that a truck's OWNER is manly. Although, if that's the case, I don't see how projecting one's "manliness" to the rear hitch of one's truck would accomplish much of anything. Plus, wouldn't it hurt if you take a dip too fast?

I just don't get it. Can you help me translate?

Howard's Translation: "I have a small penis and must compensate."

Beenzzz's Translation: "The small penis thing PLUS, he still wets his bed."


Howard said...

I have a small penis and must compensate.

Plus what will parents say to kids driving behind the truck?

Won't someone think about the children?

Burfica said...

that by far is one of the worst truck hitch covers I've seen. The other one is the waving middle finger. Maybe whenever we see one of those, we could follow them, and use spray paint and paint HA HA YOU WISH!!! right above it. LOL

N.B. Goldstein said...

Howard: Great translation! I agree!

Burfica: Good points! I've never seen the waving middle finger. Perhaps I'll have to post on that one eventually!

And thank you both for being my first official visitors to R.R.'s!

Beenzzz said...

Translation: The small penis thing PLUS, he still wets his bed. Those truck nut things are so lame.

Ok, excuse my above comment. I'm not quite as articulate as I should be since it's very early in the morning. :)

N.B. Goldstein said...

No prob, beenzzz! I get the point!