Friday, June 1, 2007

Russian Holes

Russians have some of the biggest holes in the world. In fact, recently, Russians have been seen exploring their holes in the middle of densely forested areas. What's more, no one really knows how those holes were exposed in the middle of the forests to begin with.

One Siberian hole was so big, that the air escaping from it was enough to crash several helicopters.

To what do you think I'm referring?

I assure you, it has NOTHING to do with Igor and his favorite Turkish bath. There really are unexplained tunnels that have been popping up throughout Russia for the past few decades. No one knows why.

They don't seem to be from large-scale drilling. There's no way you could get a truck into those forests, and there are no piles of dirt anywhere. Is it aliens? Swamp gas? Aliens WITH swamp gas? No way to be sure.

And that's one big hole left from an old diamond mine in Siberia. The suction from inside really did crash several helicopters. Man, Russians really seem to like their holes. But why? And what made those tunnels?

I just don't get it. Can you help me translate?


brent the ominous said...

Perhaps they are portals to an alternate dimension of intelligence, common sense and turn signal usage.

That would take you off planet for sure.

Burfica said...

You ever seen the movie Tremors?? That's what made those holes. hehehehe

Translator said...

Yep, Brent - they probably use both turn signals at once.

Burfica - Tremors was awesome! I don't remember if they were that big, though.

Thanks for visiting, guys!