Monday, June 25, 2007

Back to the Grind

The hammock was nice, the beer was cold, the trip was great. Until...

Coming home is always the hardest part of a vacation. This is often because it’s hard to return to the daily grind – work, school, daycare, whatever. Last night was no different for me. Not because I didn’t want to come home from our camping trip. Because Mrs. Translator was vomiting uncontrollably.

Yep. That’s right. Vomit has a way of ending events. I know from experience.

Vomit at a movie? Time to leave.

Vomit at the grocery store? Time to stop shopping.

Vomit at a restaurant? Time to stop dining there.

Vomit on a date? Time to find another date.

Vomit at the amusement park? Time to get another hotdog and try another ride.

Vomit on a camping trip? Wait a few hours to see if vomit recurs. Vomit again? Think about leaving the night before scheduled departure. Vomit a third time? Get Babygirl Translator and Girl Translator into the car and drive for two hours at midnight because Mrs. Translator wants to vomit in her own toilet, and let your remaining family break camp the next morning.

And who can argue with that? I got a nice warm shower at 2 AM, I got to sleep in my own bed, and I got a whole weekend of camping with no cleanup.

Awesome. It was just an awesome trip.

The view from one of our hikes.

Has anyone else had an interesting way to end a vacation? Can you help me translate?


Eneida said...

Oh-oh! Looks like there's another baby translator on the way!
Beeeeautiful picture!
I couldn't end that vacation (this was around 20 years ago, at least), because there were other members of the family forcing me to stay. Could I, I would have ended it! Why? Roaches, uncountable, large, dark roaches. In the bathroom, in the wall next to the bed, trying to climb my son's bed! Wherever you went, there they were! I could listen them at night, going through the black plastic boxes (forgot the word... "traps"?) that I had spread around the little rented beach house. For me, that was worse than any horror movie!
Indeed, this is one of my favorite things in Colorado: NO ROACHES!

Beenzzz said...

Poor Mrs. Translator! Food poisoning???
The only thing that makes me want to end a vacation early are stupid people. You know, annoying relatives or acquaintances who get to be a bit much.

Translator said...

Eneida - YIKES! Roaches sound terrible! The lack of roaches is a perk of living in Colorado. No roaches on this trip!

Beenzzz - We think it was a virus from Babygirl Translator. She wasn't really feeling good before the trip, and then Mrs. Translator seems to have come down with the same thing. Actually, my mother wasn't feeling well today, too. Just an evil bug that got spread around. Oh, well.

sfgirl said...

Great shot of the lake, though...You got that before all the vomitting started, eh... :) Hope Mrs. Translator is feeling much better now.

Translator said...

Thanks sfgirl! Glad you like the photo!

Adria Balgassi said...

I hope she's feeling better!

Jaya said...

I have to agree with Mrs. Translator. Vomiting is always most pleasant in one's own toilet.

Translator said...

Thanks guys. She's doing much better now!