Sunday, June 10, 2007

Why Am I So Lucky?

Why am I so lucky?
Why are they so beautiful?
Why are they so perfect?
Why are they so innocent - they don't know how they've changed my life, my world, my everything?

Why do I have the lens caps on my binoculars? Is it symbolic? Is it a joke? Is it a mere oversight?
Why do the kids have their backs to the camera?
Why are there no penguins in the photo?
Why do all the sentences in this post start with "why?"

Why do we often overlook the things that matter most in this world?

I just don't get it. Can you help me translate? (These do not start with "why").


Beenzzz said...

Just wait. My daughter is almost 12 and I keep asking "why" too, but not the same way you are. They become very...shall I say.......trying.
What's up with the penguins? Where did they go? Are they up to something? Why are penguins always up to something?

paisley said...

i say enjoy 'em while you can,,, as having been a young girl before,, believe it or not... i know the road less traveled is only just ahead.... your a lucky man translator!!!

Rick said...

Sheesh...It's hard to find decent peguins these days...;-)

Translator said...

Penguins. Crafty little penguins. They were nowhere to be seen that day. I think they were plotting their escape. Or they had already escaped.