Thursday, June 28, 2007


We now travel to Japan, where we will investigate the language of wasting time. Specifically, we will try to understand the universal appeal of bubble wrap.

Why do we love bubble wrap?

Is it the inherent human desire to increase entropy?

I mean, if you see a glass vase precariously hanging over the edge of a shelf, which would be more satisfying: pushing the vase back onto the shelf or gently tapping the vase so that it falls and smashes into a million tiny pieces?

The smashing thing, right?

It's because we all like destruction, and the little tiny air packets of joy allow us to enjoy miniature explosions without doing any real harm.

Or is it because it makes nifty sounds that relieve stress? Who knows. Whatever the reason for our unholy attraction to the bubbles, we may now all enjoy the snap, crackle, and pop at any time and at any place.

CScout Japan reported on Bandai Asovision's new portable bubble wrap toy, the PuchiPuchi.

That's right. Strap it to your key chain and:
Pop at work. Be a Professional popper.
Pop at school. You can be a Preppy popper.
Pop in the restroom. Pop while you poop.
Pop in Church. Heck, if the Pope can pop, so can you!
Pop at the you-fill-in-the-blank-location. It's POPTASTIC!

But why?

I still don't understand the attraction. Can you help me translate?

Update: Jaya pointed me in the direction of virtual bubble wrap. Check it out! Warning: it's addictive!


Burfica said...

I could never have one of those. I love bubble wrap, when it comes around a gift I get it's like two gifts in one. But I have a little ocd when it comes to some thigns, and I like doing it in lines evenly then twisting it all up when I'm done to see if there are anymore pops so I can get every last stinking one.

So...I wouldn't like one of those.

Jaya said...

OK, if you are not understanding
the attraction, clearly you have
not popped enough bubble wrap

Go here to get some practice in:

Frog the Dog said...

Oh, how cool is that? that's my christmas shopping for all four kids done in one hit - thanks Translator!!

insanity-suits-me said...

It's so addictive and at the same time so annoying! It can drive you'll end up in Poppers Anonymous! ;)

Translator said...

Burfica - I kinda agree with you. Not sure if I want one.

Jaya - thanks for the link!

Frog - Glad I could help ;)

Insanity - Yep. Poppers anonymous sounds like a likely place to end up!

FIAR said...

Tiny bubble wrap defeats the purpose. You need big bubbles to make the really loud "pops."

Rick said...

If you squeeze a blonde's head the same thing happens...:-)..Yeah , I know. Bad joke.

botheyesgreen said...

pure Zen!, beats one-hand clapping by miles :)

Eneida said...

I can't help you translate, but I can surely affirm that it's completely, absolutely, totally addictive! And it's not only the sound. For me, at least, the feeling counts much more than the sound! Feel the bubble with the tips of your fingers, slowly push it until it pops! Wow! What a great feeling! I also do the same as somebody said above: I love looking for one more, only one more, when it seems that all of them are already popped! What maybe you don't know is that it's highly helpful and therapeutic, also! A little more than 7 years ago I quit smoking after more than 30 years smoking 2 or more packs of cigarettes per day! It was the MOST DIFFICULT thing I've ever done in my whole life! I almost went nuts! So, what did I use among other "tools" to help me succeed? Bubble wrap! I would ALWAYS carry pieces of bubble wrap inside my pockets. And I would pop the bubbles insanely, whenever there was enough noise so that people couldn't listen! Know what?! It helped me A LOT!!!

Translator said...

Very interesting Eneida! I'm glad you found something that was helpful for you to quit smoking! I'm sure the popping is quite addictive!