Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Help! I've been tagged!

My friends Frog and Ginger (and Bimmy) over at FrogBlogDogLog have tagged me for a game of randomness. In particular, I'm supposed to describe seven random things about myself. Seven random things about good ol' Translator.


1. I'm not really a "translator". I just play one on T.V. I'm more of a metaphorical translator, if you will. I help "translate" the crazy into the sane - the stupid into the smart, the weird into the normal, the foreign into the local, the crap into the...what's the opposite of crap? Food? You get the picture.

2. I'm a cancer researcher. I'm trying to understand why melanoma is so resistant to all types of therapy. If we can understand the genes involved in melanoma's defenses, perhaps we'll be better equipped to treat it.

3. I love to cook. Anything and everything. Food is good.

4. I have two turtles. Their names are Horatio and Vladimir. They are both over thirty years old. They eat fruits, veggies, arthropods, and annelids.

5. I'm working on a young adult sci-fi/fantasy novel. That's all you get about this one.

6. My family is my life. My life is my family. My friends are my family, too.

7. I'm an amateur magician. Card tricks, coin tricks, you name it. Watch this...


I've just tagged the following seven people to write their own Random Seven:

1. Deb at Ocean Mom's Blog.
2. Beenzzz at The Stealthy Bean.
3. The Lord at Lord Likely.
4. Burfica at Don't Eat the Tomatoes.
5. Brent at Ominous Comma.
6. Jaya at Cat on my Head.
7. Paisley at ....Why Paisley?

If any of you have been tagged for the Random Seven before, I apologize. Feel free to disregard. If not, and you're interested, please let us know about you! And tag seven others to continue the randomness!

I don't quite understand randomness. Can you seven help me translate?


Beenzzz said...

I'll consider myself tagged! :)

paisley said...

i've been tagged for 8 random things four times,, i did it once,, and then i did a tree of life spread to cover all thirty two... and now you come up with 7 more!!!!!glory be!!!! ill keep it in the "to do" file tho... and when i can think of seven worthwhile things... ill post it....translate that !!!!!

Translator said...

Heh, heh...sorry Paisley. I didn't know you had been "tagged" to death. ;)

Frog the Dog said...

I got tagged to do this a second time before i had the chance to reply to the first one!
go get 'em Translator!
What an interesting person you are!
Frogster And Jelly

Ginger Jelly said...

Mr Translator,
What do I have to eat to grow as big and strong as those Gorgeous Ginger Cats on you blog??

Jaya said...

Okie Dokie,

I'm going to take up
your random challenge.
I am, I am, I am. Yes.

I am sorting through my
brain cells now, looking
for information on 7 random
things. I've got 892 brain
cells, so this may take a

PS - Those are excellent
turtle names!

Translator said...

Thanks, Jaya! Can't wait to hear the 7 things!

Deb (Crabbie) said...

{Blush} I feel honored to be chosen, and I accept the mission... :-)

Deb (Crabbie) said...

So it was actually pretty fun. Thanks for asking me to participate. :-)

Translator said...

Glad you had fun!