Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Translator’s Top Ten Ways to Get your Blog Nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award

If you haven’t visited, you should really check out Blogger’s Choice Awards. It’s where the best of the best blogs are showcased on the world (wide web)’s biggest stage. And you, discerning readers, get to vote. Winners will be announced November 10th at PostieCon in LasVegas, NV.

I’ve recently been drawn to the glamour, the lights, the – ability to vote. And I’ve nominated several deserving blogs. Be sure to check them out at the bottom of this post.

So what are the Translator’s key’s to getting nominated? As an accomplished translator of language, culture, and just plain weird stuff, I’m fairly qualified to sift through the gibberish and find the diamonds in the rough:

1)Be original. Everyone can write a blog about themselves. Why are YOU different from everyone else?

2)Be an authority. Why should we listen to YOU? Do you actually KNOW anything about anything?

3)Carve out a defined niche. As you can tell by the clear-cut categories on Blogger’s Choice, you should probably decide what it is you’re actually blogging about before you get too involved. Because after a year, it’s probably too late to turn back.

4)Make your blog easy to translate. Even I, the amazing Translator, have trouble understanding incoherent drivel. And use a spell checker – they’re cheap.

5)Be entertaining. Nobody cares about what you had for breakfast. Except your mom. And then, maybe she doesn’t. Unless you ate something really cool like a flaming pile of pumpkin pancakes with chocolate syrup. Why? I don’t know.

6)Personal touches are fine, but stay on topic. How does your topic RELATE to your world? I appreciate it when a specific topic is applied to a blogger’s world. Like farting. Farting alone is boring. But when Beenzzz farts – ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Well, no. Farting alone is often unavoidable. And I've never heard Beenzzz talking about farting. You get the point.

7)Post consistently. If you don't care enough to post often, I don’t care enough to read. It’s that simple.

8)Offer advice or write reviews. As a world traveler, I appreciate hints about how to save some time, some money, or some embarrassment. Like that time in Venice. Oh, boy. If only I had read more blogs in the Eighties.

9)Encourage conversation and reply to comments. Because one-sided conversations suck. I mean, I didn’t sit in school for twenty-five years just to listen to more lectures on the web.

10)Be a really, really hot babe blogger. That never hurts.

So, check out Blogger’s Choice. You can nominate your own blogs and vote for the excellent blogs already nominated! Oh, and you can nominate your own blog, too. But you still need votes!

These are the blogs that I definitely get. No further translation necessary:

Best Animal Blogger: Cat On My Head. Voting Page!

Best Blog about Stuff: ......why-paisley? Voting Page!

Best Humor Blog: The Stealthy Bean. Voting Page!

Best Hobby Blog: Fishing Fiesta. Voting Page!


Beenzzz said...

Thanks for the nomination! I will check out the others too.

Michele said...

Thanks kindly for the nomination. I appreciate it.

Translator said...

No problem, guys! You've both got great blogs! Thanks for being good visitors to Rosetta Rants!

Good luck!

paisley said...

you know i loved the fact that you nominated me,, i am always so thrilled to be nominated,, it is a vote of confidance from my peers... thank you again.....

i am glad you brought up the topic of answering back on comments,, because i didn't want to feel obligated to,,, so i didn't start,,, but lately,,, i've been thinking i should... i even have a post drafted on that subject... maybe i'll polish it up for tomorrow... thanks for the nudge....

Translator said...

No problem on the nomination, Paisley! You're a wonderful blogger and you deserve the recognition.

Sorry you thought I was nudging you on the comments ;) You already got nominated by me, so you had enough positives! :)

And thanks for being such a great visitor to Rosetta Rants and Chinglishness!