Friday, June 15, 2007

Postcards from the Edge...of the World

Going on a trip?

Want to show off your hometown?

Want a free review of your website?

It's a crazy high-tech world out there. Blogs, email, and electronic news feeds dominate our lives. But there's so much more - from the highest peaks of the Andes to the burning sands of the Dead Sea - an entire world of peoples, places, and things that I want to discover.

As members of the blogisphere, I think we often loose track of the people behind the screen. Who is doing the typing? What do they look like? Where do they live? What do they do on their vacations? The electronic world is a very impersonal world.

That's why I think that nothing beats a postcard. When I get a postcard in the mail, it says to me that someone took the time and effort to pick out an interesting photograph or artistic image and physically write me a note - with a pen! That little bit of personality in an impersonal electronic world is what I'm after.

If you're willing, please send me an interesting postcard from wherever you may be – on your adventurous travels or in your home office. I’d love to hear about the wonderful, the wacky, and the worthless features from your Edge of the World.

These may be tourist sites, cultural phenomena, restaurants, foods, – whatever! Write about them in English, and I’ll pin your postcard up on Rosetta Rants!

Please do the following:

1) Include the three W’s (W.W.W.) on your postcard :

Something you find (W)ONDERFUL,

Something you find (W)ACKY,

Something you find (W)ORTHLESS about your current location.

Or, if that doesn't float your boat, write ANYTHING you want!

2) If you would also like me to Translate (review and link to) your personal blog or webpage, please include your URL on the postcard. (Commercial websites please check out my PayPerPost button on the sidebar).

3) I'll notify you when your postcard has been added to Rosetta Rants. At that time, please write a post linking to my post of your card, or link to so others can read your postcard!

There’s so much to translate – I want to hear from your Edge of the World!

Send postcards to:


PO Box 24566

Denver, CO 80224-0566

Bring this address with you on your next trip, or send me a postcard right now!

Don’t forget the W.W.W.! (W)onderful, (W)acky, and (W)orthless!

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Adria Balgassi said...

I love this community project idea. :)


Translator said...

Thanks! I'd love to get a postcard from you!

Morriconei said...

This really is a great idea. I hope you get a ton of responses.

Jaya said...

Well, I did finally
get around to sending
one off to you...

Now let's see if it
gets delivered!

Translator said...

Thanks, Jaya! I can't wait!

Bimmy the Bookish said...

Have you ever read a book and said to yourself "That's the book I wish I'd written!"
Well that was my reaction to this blogpost - this is the blog post that I wish I had thought of!
It's such a lovely idea, involving as it does several things I enjoy very much - postcards, writing, and a quirky idea!

When we launched our e-cards a while back, I asked senders to let us know how they far away they send them, but this is what I really should have done; it's I MEANT to do! This idea has so much more refinement and I'm sure you will soon be inundated with fabulous postcards of the weird wonderful and whacky.
In fact I shall buy a local delicacy of my town to send you as soon as the shops open.
Translator, I commend you!

Kuanyin said...

What a great'll definitely be getting one from Blog-Blond on Maui!

lisa q. said...

absolutely fabulous idea...i'll be looking for a postcard from kansas tomorrow! :P

Adria Balgassi said...

Mine (from where I grew up) is on its way.

I'll try to find a more exciting one when I get back to school in the fall. :)

Frog the Dog said...

Hi Translator!
We got your postcard this weekend! All the way from sunny Colorado - gosh, thanks!
I was very careful with my new pins (I LOVE playing with the pins you sent me!) and have pinned up your postcard in my Poochtastic Postcard Pin Up Place! on my wagsite.
Hope you get a minute to wobble your whiskers over there to take a look. I am going to use my postcard place to help children with their writing AND their geography next term.
Thanks very much for helping!
May the Paws be With You....

Mrs. Laughing Pants said...

You can always build interest with a postcard. Great idea!