Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Extreme Hiking

We now travel to Xian, China where we will attempt to understand the language of extreme hiking. Mount Hua (Traditional Chinese: 華山; Simplified Chinese: 华山; Pinyin: Huà Shān), is one of the "Five Sacred Mountains" of China.

Apart from housing several prominent Taoist temples, Mount Hua offers breathtaking views to any tourist brave enough to attempt the ascent.

If you're interested in wetting your pants from fear, I suggest you give Mount Hua a shot. Featured on Photo Blog by Atul Gupta as one of the Top 5 most dangerous roads, the hiking trails on Mount Hua offer even the most experienced climber an opportunity to vomit from vertigo.

Look like something you would enjoy? Well, strap on a diaper and get climbing. Because you're only half way up.

The chains are very strong, so there's nothing to worry about. Risking death while vacationing is something that so few people get to experience these days. And no, I'm not talking about the Tower of Terror ride at Disney World. That doesn't count. But you should definitely try it.

If you manage to survive the ascent, the temples look quite amazing. Worth risking your life? I'm not sure. That depends on the person. And the life insurance policy held by that person. And how much that person hates living. And how much that person likes dirty underwear. Have I referenced bodily functions enough in this post?


Crap that looks high up. There. That should be enough.

The family and I will be going camping in Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend. I'm sure we'll be doing some hiking. But extreme hiking? I don't think so. Does anyone have any extreme hiking stories or favorite hiking spots they would like to share?

Extreme hiking: I just don't get it. Can you help me translate?


vnrozier said...

I suffer from too much vertigo to risk my neck as a tourist hiking.
As an adventuror seeking new places to visit it looks most interesting.
How does one get down after?

Translator said...

Me, too. I could never make it. In order to get down, I think the word "parachute" comes to mind.

cmf said...

Holy crap;-) What a cool climb, and temple experience--nice site, exciting template!