Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Do you recognize this map?

Welcome to the grand opening of Rosetta Rants – where I scour the globe for the foreign, the crazy, and the just plain stupid treasures our planet has to offer. I must say, that a large proportion of those finds will probably come from right here at home – in America.

Then we'll get together and try to translate the gibberish.

I'd like to extend an extra welcome to the loyal readers of Chinglishness! I hope this forum will afford me greater creative license to explore this wacky world of ours. And I hope you manage to find a laugh or two along the way!

Thanks to all who have chosen to take part in these Rants!

Enjoy the journey!


Frog the Dog said...

Youchers, a well written and interesting blog - a thing of some rarity in the blogoshphere - or have i just been trawling in the wrong places??
anyway, good to met you, saw your fizzogg on my recent viewers list and thought to drop by.
See you around!

Translator said...

Thanks Frog the Dog! I appreciate the kind words! Feel free to stop by any time! Glad you did!