Wednesday, July 25, 2007

People that Park Like Idiots Really Tick Me Off

Today, my budding translators, I'd like to discuss the language of bumper stickers. Bumper stickers can be funny, bumper stickers can be offensive, and bumper stickers can be downright stupid. One of my favorites, is the one pictured above from I Park Like An Idiot.Com.

That's right. You, too can order your own pack of 10, 40, or 100 and keep them in your glove compartment. Then you'll have them ready for the opportune moment.

I've ordered some. And believe me I'll use them. Why?

The other night at the mall, I couldn't find a parking space. Not because there weren't any spaces available. But because there weren't any USABLE spaces available due to the morons like the ones below who were ruining the whole parking experience for the rest of us.

Ok, so the last one is a bit over the top. But come on! Is it really that hard to park your car? I just don't understand people that park like idiots. But they all deserve little yellow bumper stickers the say "I Park Like an Idiot".

Do you have any examples of other interesting bumper stickers? Can you help me translate?

Photos from I Park Like an Idiot.Com.

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Steph said...

1st picture: He didn't want someone banging their car door into his macho machine.

2nd: Never learned the physics of parallel parking while applying mascara.

3rd: Just didn't care.

4th. Was still on her cell phone and was late in getting home to check her MySpace "Friends" tally.

5th: Handicapped people never go to "The Dragon's Lair" strip joint anyway.

6th: He was just running in to get a 6-pack and some bait.

7th: Wife was angry that her ex got the boat and she only got the compact car in the divorce settlement.

Translator said...

HAHAHA! Great translations, Steph! Those are PERFECT. You're hired!

Steph said...

And I can parallel park, too. Without the fancy computer gizmo.

Diesel said...

That is so awesome. I've got to order some of those.

Except I hardly ever drive any more. Still, they'd be fun around the house too.

Lord Likely said...

How do you feel about those who park ON idiots?

Translator said...

Diesel - great idea! They'd come in handy anywhere!

My Lord - That sounds perfectly acceptable.

Jaya said...

OK... where'd you get that
photo of my car??????????

Gerri said...

Hahaha... no really..

I'm so scared one of these stickers is going to end up on my car. I don't park badly because I'm a jerk, but just because I'm vehiciculaarly (and spelling) challenged. My sister rants about my parking all the time. I have never driven through wet concrete or parked in a lake (yet) though. Wish me luck and please don't sticker me. ;)

Ok, that one word that I spelled wrong here.. I have to tell you I didn't even try.. lol.. I just let my fingers go wild on the keyboard.

PS - I have a cool Rosetta Rants button on my site now.

Rick said...

Oh this is so sweeeet!!! Gotta order some asap.

Translator said...

Jaya - which one is yours? ;)

Gerri - Don't worry. I won't put a sticker on your car because were friends ;) And thanks for using a BUTTON!

Rick - Glad you like them, and I hope they come in handy!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Great post !

Translator said...

Thanks, Sugar queens dream! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Looks like snapshots from where i live! Here is a sticker which i have used before (printed in bright red):
Thanks for parking so close. Next time, leave a fucking can opener so i can get my car out. Assholes like you should take a bus!

Love your site, Translator, and sorry for the hard language in the quote.