Friday, July 20, 2007

All Aboard!

Hello, fellow translators!

If you are interested in distributing your blog accross the blogisphere, perhaps you'd like to take part in this feed and link train! Hop on board, the voyage is just beginning! I heard about it from my friend Kuanyin at Blog-Blond.

Simply copy and paste this list of Feedburner links and blog URL's into a post, and add yours at the bottom. If you'd like to add more, feel free to add up to five. (I copied and pasted from Firefox, and it worked just fine).

Then, please subscribe to all the blogs on the list. I subscribed to all of these blogs through My Yahoo reader - it's fast, fun, and easy! Pass it along, and soon you'll be in reader heaven!

The List:

Subscribe to Blogozine
Subscribe to JohnCowdotCom
Subscribe to BobmeetsWorld
Subscribe to LifeisRisky
Subscribe to TheKingKongBlog
Subscribe to My New Hustle
Subscribe to GadgetTastic
Subscribe to Life of Browie
Subscribe to Disregard Me
Subscribe to Everybody Go To
Subscribe to Brian Vaughan
Subscribe to Fuery
Subscribe to Sam Breadstone
Subscribe to Blog-Blond
Subscribe to Who's Yo Mama?
Subscribe to The Art of Living and Dying
Subscribe to Way Khool Sites
Subscribe to Wailea Daily Photo
Subscribe to Rosetta Rants
Subscribe to Incurable Insomniac

And please leave a comment if you've hopped on board! Enjoy the ride!


Steph said...

Oh, just what I was looking for! Going now to make my post...

dee said...

Thanks for hopping on! I've updated my list with your links :)
love your blog's layout btw!

Translator said...

Thanks, Dee!