Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Postcards from the Edge : Happy Birthday, Walter!

I just received this postcard from my friend Gerri at Absolutely True:

(Click for larger view)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Walter Isaac!

Thanks for sending me this W.W.E. edition of Postcards from the Edge...of the World! I guess I can't decide if I think it's real. They definitely choreograph their battles, but it's REAL in the fact that they are skilled performers risking serious injury. I guess you can consider me part-wacky! What do you think about W.W.E.?

That pizza sounds good, too! I'll have to check out Jerry's Pizza if I'm ever in Central, South Carolina.

And don't forget, you can send me postcards from around the world for ANY reason - vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals...whoa! A marriage proposal would be pretty cool.

Gerri's previous postcard from South Carolina can be seen HERE.

And if you're interested in sending me a postcard, please CLICK HERE for more info!


tom said...

I think that wrestling is ridiculous!! I'll have to check out the postcards...I've posted a translator you should check out!!

Translator said...

Thanks, Tom! I'll check it out!

Gerri said...

Thanks for posting our postcard!

I've done my own translation.. well actually your Jive translation of it here:

Translator said...

Great, Gerri! I'll check it out!