Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Anagram Anarchy : Six

Alchemy notebook, cipher wheel.

If you need help understanding the language of anagrams, CLICK HERE for some background.

Each time, I will produce a new anagram for a chosen word or phrase. It's your job as budding translators to rearrange the letters to produce the answer.

So here's today's anagram:

Kick Me Bias

Hint #1: Sports.
Hint #2: Unfortunate Record.

Rearrange the letters to solve the puzzle, and leave your answer in the comments section to this post.

Spoiler Warning: I'll also confirm the solution in the comments section after someone guesses correctly. So if you want to work it out for yourself, do so before clicking "comments".

Good luck!


Frog the Dog said...

Ha! now I don't feel so bad for not working this out!
It's the first time i get a chance to be first with an anagram, and it's a sports one. For me it's like getting onto "who wants to be a milllionaire" then getting questions on soap operas.
Have pity!

Gerri said...

We can't figure this one out! Mom is stumped!

Translator said...

Frog - sorry! I'll skip sports next time!

Gerri - I'll put up another hint...

Gerri said...

We still don't get it :( Just not sports fans....

Gerri said...

Give it..


Gerri said...

Mike Bacsik

Translator said...

WOW! Great, Gerri! Did you get it or did your mom? Either way, you just needed to stick with it. I knew you could do it!

You win a new car. Or something else like that. I'm not sure yet.

Gerri said...

I got this one! Wow, there's a first time for everything.