Monday, August 6, 2007

Postcards from the Edge : Alwizbme in Johor, Malaysia

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My next Postcard from the Edge...of the World comes from my new friend Alwizbme in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

It reads:

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Ah, my old friend - the durian fruit. Thank you, Alwizbme! "Flash" - I like that! And if any of you would like to see my previous translation of the durian fruit, click here.

From what I can tell, the durian is quite wacky and wonderful, and I'm glad to hear that you don't think it's worthless, Alwizbme! I'm still not sure that I would be able to get past the stinky feet smell. Beauty (and smell) is in the eye (and nose) of the beholder (smeller).

When it comes to fruit, Alwizbme should know quite a lot. He runs the beautiful Tropical Bloom blog, which features breathtaking photographs and natural histories of the fascinating flora and fauna endemic to Malaysia. Here are a few of his most recent entries:

A purple Senduduk flower.

Hibiscus, Malaysia's National flower.

So if you're interested in a journey into the heart of a tropical paradise, be sure to check out Tropical Bloom. I totally understand Alwizbme's website. It's daily reading that will truly take you away. No further translation necessary!

Did you like this review? Guess how much Alwizbme paid me for it:

NOTHING! It was free!

And if YOU are interested in sending me a postcard and having your website "Translated" for free, it's simple! All you have to do is send me a postcard, and when I put it up on Rosetta Rants, just write a post linking to my post, so all your friends can see your card! That way, more people will learn about my idea, too!

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Alwizbme said...

I guess it took about two weeks for a postcard to travel from Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia to Denver, Colorado ,USA.. I found this postcard sitting at an old bookstore, "Radin Bookstore", in my hometown of Batu Pahat, when I saw this postcard, I straight away think of Mr. Translator... so off it goes thru the snail mail to Colorado... and somehow, a song by John Denver "Take Me Home, Country Roads", jingle at the back of my mind...

Translator said...

Thanks again for the postcard, Alwizbme! And actually, that song is about West Virginia.

Out here in Colorado, our John Denver song is Rocky Mountain High :)

Shawn Lim said...

Hi, great post.
I'm from Malaysia, lol.
But not from Johor, i lived in Malacca.

Great to have you visit my country.

Translator said...

Shawn lim - cool! I'd love to visit Malaysia someday. I'd love to receive a postcard from you, too!

Splantrik said...

A white-rumped shama stamp! Those "bronco birds" (apologies to Mother Nature) are probably my favorite here on Oahu, Hawaii. They have beautiful songs.

Translator said...

Thanks for the info, Splantrik! Do you see them outside your house, or is it only in forested areas?

Splantrik said...

I've only seen them in forested areas. Good luck.