Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Translator's Incredible Journey

Well, I'm back.

But where, you may ask, has your trusty Translator been? On an exotic and dangerous quest within the farthest reaches of Asia Minor? A journey within the blistering sand dunes of the Arabian Desert? A voyage down the vine-strangled mighty Amazon river?


I've been right here at home. And work. And stuff.

The truth is, on September 3rd, Labor Day, my basement flooded. My computer was in my basement. So, needless to say, Rosetta Rants landed on the back burner for a while. Have I told you guys that dealing with insurance guys really sucks?

Anyway, during my hiatus, I came to realize that I felt unusually liberated. Liberated in the sense that I wasn't expected to post a weird or wacky article about some sort of nasty food or gadget.

That's right. Posting had become a chore.

And we all know that if your hobby becomes a chore, it ceases to be a useful hobby. The hard work might be worth it if I could make some cash. But I know that there is no chance of turning Rosetta Rants into a lucrative money-maker. Everyone and their uncle has a blog, and the work/earnings ratio for blogging is just not what it's cracked up to be.

I truly thank all of you who have become excellent blogging buddies. Jaya, Gerri, Lord Likely, Splantrik, Tom, and everyone else - thank you for your concern and well-wishes. I'll continue to visit your fine blogs when I get a chance. Only I'll drop by as a loyal reader instead of a fellow blogger.

Keep up the great work!

I'm going to spend a nice quiet evening with Mrs. Translator, Girl Translator, and Baby Girl Translator.


Frog the Dog said...

Youchers Grouchers!! We are all going to miss your splendid ranting, but we do understand the pressures of "performing".
I have often thought that your blog posts would make an excellent collection for a book - maybe you could think about putting it all together to publish it on Lulu??
See you around, have fun with your family!!
With thanks and very best wishes from the the dog house :)

Shunra said...

Gee, I hope you don't quit right after I found you!

Or better yet - I hope you find time & energy to do some blogging for fun (I can't see it as a serious moneymaker, especially not when translation is so available - and so comparatively easy!) - I'll keep an eye on your page, just in case you do.

Splantrik said...

Entirely understandable; Splantrik has grown into a daily thing (despite the apparent paucity of visitors), and sometimes it's hard to come up with something. But I think I have a blog "topic" with a small time committment.

Anyway, as Shunra says, there's nothing wrong with posting once in a while if you find something interesting. As long as you don't feel pressure to do so.

TOM said...

enjoy, I know how you feel regarding a chore sometimes but you will always have a place to translate if you feel the need...Looks like the Rockies are going to clinch tonight

Jaya said...



Now we are left alone to
wander, dazed and confused,
through a strange land filled
with danger, and without
translations, and thus no
hope of understanding...

You get us hooked, and
then you bail on us...
that's how it is, eh??

Well... It's a relief to
know that you are safe
and sound.

But yes, your translations
will be greatly missed here
in the blogosphere!

Live Long And Prosper,
Translator, and know you
touched not just our minds
but also our hearts.

Beenzzz said...

Well that sucks! I can understand the frustration with blogging though. It can be a tiring thing to do day after day. I've thought about throwing in the towel too. Anyway, I hope that this helps you spend more time with you family.

Debo Hobo said...

Oh well, take care! Sorry to see you go:)

Editor said...

translate this: hurry back, we miss you.

absolutelytrue said...

Awww man.. now I'll be wandering around blindly. This really is bad news. And on my birthday too. Well, yesterday was my birthday, technically, but I'm still up so I'm still calling it my day.

We had the joy of water damage and insurance companies here last year.. it can truly burn you out.

I'm sorry blogging wasn't fun anymore :( Maybe later you'll have more interest. I hope. I really hope. You have been one of my favorite bloggers and I've really missed your updates.

Adria Balgassi said...

Thanks for all the fascinating, thought-provoking posts... and the postcards project. :)

Diesel said...

Hadn't seen you around much. Was wondering where you had gotten off to....

Take care and don't be a strangler.

Lord Likely said...

Well, I wish you and your family all the best, Mr. Translator, sir.

I hope to still see you at my domain, however, or I shall hunt you down and thrash you senseless.

(I am joking! Please, relax!)


Greg Laden said...

I hope you start posting again, I was enjoying your blog, it's very good.

sfgirl said...

It's okay to leave for awhile and get a fresh perspective. We'll still be here and wait patiently for you... That's the neat thing about our community. I'd come here to tag you with a meme (see at The Alien Next Door: and found this post. Good luck with all your wonderful projects!

absolutelytrue said...

Happy Holidays Translator! You are missed, and not forgotten!

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